BART Workers Complain of Mice-Infested Break Room

By Sylvia Ramirez

Thu Oct 17th, 2013 11:20pm America/Los_Angeles


DALY CITY (KRON) – A BART union spokeswoman told the press Wednesday that health and safety issues were one of the sticking points in reaching a deal with agency management.

Antonette Bryant specifically mentioned an employee break room at the Daly City BART station that was infested with mice and had urine stains on the walls.

Bryant invited reporters to visit the break room to see for themselves, so KRON 4’s Justine Waldman did just that.

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Waldman was met by station agent Patricia Peters who has worked at BART as a station agent for 17 years.

Peters pointed out the smell of a dead animal and showed Waldman mice droppings piled up behind a mini-fridge.

Signs in the room ask that no food be thrown in the garbage. Peters tells Waldman that’s because of the rodent problem.

“You leave your lunch at the table, run outside to get a soda and you come back in and a rat is eating your food,” said Peters.

Peters showed Waldman drip stains coming down the walls from the ceiling, saying that it’s mouse urine seeping through from above.

“That is disgusting. That is part of what we are fighting for, safety and better working conditions for us,” Peters said.

Responding to the dirty Daly City station break room, BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost says, “The room they are talking about is the brochure room. It is not intended to be a break room but ATU employees have put things in there , a microwave and small fridge, to make it a break room just for themselves.”

Trost says that there is an official break room on the platform level.
Peter disagrees.

“That room is for train operators. This is the station agent break room. We work really hard to make BART number one and I just think we deserve better,” Peter says.

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